More videos posted from 2007 Reunion

4 video stories added from DVD #3 (2007 NFS Reunion):

  • 417th NFS Sam C. Rial’s story as read by his son Retired William Rial.
  • 425th NFS Tom Rose’s story and intro by his son Vince Rose
  • 425th NFS Charles Comb’s story as read by daughter Charlene
  • 425th NFS Chet Damron’s story.

Click on the link in the previous post and scroll down to see the added videos.


Jackie (417th NFS website admin)

Video stories now posted.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been busy learning YouTube and video editing.  I won’t win an Oscar for Best Director anytime soon, but I have managed to edit and post  several of the stories that were read at the 2007 NFS Reunion.   These stories were originally compiled into a set of 4 DVDs.  I edited the content of these DVDs so that individual stories can be viewed without having to watch the entire DVD.   A new page called “Video Stories from the NFS”, has been created and is located under the Photo and Videos Galleries menu for this site.  Or, just click on this link:

Video Stories from the NFS

This page contains links to the stories which are located on YouTube. If you would prefer that your name or video not appear on YouTube, just let me know (see Contacts page) and I will have it removed ASAP.

Please note, that not all of the stories have been posted at this point.  If you don’t see your or a loved one’s story posted yet, just give me some time.  I will send another update out when I get the next batch posted.


Jackie (417th site Admin)

Contact page added to site.

Hi Everyone,

Many of you have asked about additional material that you would like to see put onto this site.  I’ve added a contact page for this purpose.  Click on the link called Contact Us (top right hand side)  and fill out the form with your request and I will be in touch.


Jackie (417th Admin)

Welcome to “Protecting The Night” from the 417th NFS of WWII.

This website is now open and is ready for viewing and comments. Additional material and pictures will be added as time allows. We hope you enjoy reading and learning as you explore the material.

Please feel free to use this site to find answers and ask questions about the 417th NFS and or any of the Night fighter Squadrons of WWII. We want this website to help you locate information regarding loved ones who were lost during the war and hope someone may be able to help you find answers.

Richard H. Ziebart  (417th NFS Rep.)