NFS Reunions from the Past



Rich Ziebart and his wife Lorraine, enjoyed helping to organize reunions for the 417th NFS members as well as the broader multi-squadron Night Fighters Conventions.  The gallery below is a selection of photos from various conventions.

Note: The captions listed for the photos were written based on Richard Ziebart’s hand written notes on the backs of the photos.  My apologies for any spelling errors or naming issues.  If you recognize someone in a photo who has been misidentified or not identified, please post a comment and the website administrator will update the file accordingly.

The WWII Night Fighters Convention in 1994 was held in Norfolk, VA.  It was organized by 1994 Convention Committee (see photos for details).  Night Fighter Squadrons represented at this convention included members from: 415th, 416th, 417th, 418th, 419th, 422nd, 425th, 427th, 547th, 548th, 549th and 550th.  The photos below are from the “memory book” created with photos from the convention.

In 2000, the WWII Night Fighters Convention was held in Salt Lake City, UT.  As with the 1994 convention many of the different NF Squadrons were represented:  414th, 415th, 416th, 417th, 418th, 419th, 421st, 425th, 427th, 547th, 548th and 549th.  The gallery below is from the memory book from that convention.


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