More photos from 417th Photographer Charles Fahrbach

After a bit of a delay, I have finally gotten around to adding the 80+ photos from the collection of the 417th Photographer, Charles Fahrbach.  Some of the photos may be duplicates that already appear on the site, but most are new.  I have gathered them into a permanent gallery located  on the Faces of the 417th page.  Click on this link  and it will take you directly to the page.  You will need to scroll down to the bottom.  The gallery is located just before the comments section.

I don’t have a lot of details on location or the people in the photos, but if you spot a location or person you know, please drop me a note and I will add those details to specific photographs.

In addition to the photos, I received a number of documents related to Charle’s time in the service, so I have included them here for reference.  My favourite is the Western Union Telegram to his wife.

Interview with Norman L. Keepers

As promised, here is the brilliant interview with Norman L. Keepers about his time in the war.   His time with the 417th starts at around 25 minute mark, but you will want to hear his whole story which is very fascinating.  I have also posted a link to the interview on the Letters, Diaries and Tributes page of the Night Fighter History Menu.  Enjoy!