History of Scorton Airfield

Hello readers,

Earlier this month I was contacted by Peter from the UK.  Peter has authored a history of Scorton airfield in England.  Three of the USAAF Squadrons were stationed at Scorton during WW2 (417th, 422nd and 425th).  A brief history of each  squadrons time at Scorton is included in the document Peter has written.

If  you are interested in reading more about Scorton airfield’s history and the time the USAAF and RAF spent here, please visit his wonderful website.


Click on the link for “History of Scorton Airfield” and it should take you to a PDF document which you can read on the site or download.

In our email exchanges, Peter also included this photo of a bench located in the area.

How great is that?

Lastly, Peter is looking for anyone who might have memories or photos of the time squadron members were stationed at Scorton.  If you have something to share, please contact me via the Contact Us form for this website and I put you in touch with Peter.