Video Stories from the NFS

In 2007 at the NFS reunion at MAAM, the stories of the NFS members were read and video taped.  To view a story, click on the title below.  Note, you will be redirected to YouTube, where the video content is stored.

Stories from DVD Disc #1

549th NFS by Norman Drake read by Gregg Haskell

549th NFS story by George Newman read by Brick Eisel

547th NFS story by Harry Kramer

550th NFS story by Lew Lafferty read by Bob McCullen

414th NFS story by John Armstrong

415th NFS story by Harold “Augie” Augspurger

415th NFS story  by Don Flaherty

415th NFS story by Gordon Timmons

419th & 550th NFS story by Russ Lortz

550th NFS story by Vic Modena

German NF Pilot Karl Leeb JU 88 Pilot

6th NFS story by Paul Duberow

Stories from DVD Disc #3

417th NFS story of Sam C. Rial (Pilot) read by Retired Col. Wm. (Bill) Rial son of Sam Rial

425th NFS story by Tom Rose with introduction by Vince Rose

425th NFS Charles Combe story read by Charlene Smith

425th NFS story by Chet Damron

425th NFS story by James Moore (Radar Mechanic)

425th NFS story of George Moore (Pilot) told by Jerry Moore

425th NFS story of Doug Pinkston (Pilot) read by Vince Rose

425th NFS story of Martha Gelhorn who went on a Night Fighter Mission and wrote her story for the Saturday Evening Post read by Rita Rose

417th NFS story of Robert McCullen (Radar operator) & Duff Campbell (Pilot) read by Son Robert McCullen

422nd NFS story of Stan Clark

417th NFS story by Earl “Sleepy Hissett (Mechanic)

417th NFS story by Ned Early (Squadron Orderly Room)

417th NFS story by John Roberson (Mechanic)

DVD #4

417th NFS Rich Ziebart tells his story

6th NFS Paul Schrope tells his story

6th NFS Bill Jenning’s story is read by Jackie Foster

422nd NFS  Bob Bolinder’s story is introduced by Stan Clark and read by Brick Eisel

422nd NFS story from James Reed (Electronic Specialist) read by John Ziebart

414th NFS by Joe Jenkins (Pilot) of his PO Valley experience

549th NFS story by Owen Haskell (Radar Mechanic)- IWO JIMA

Video stories from the 2009 NFS Reunion:

421st NFS pilot Raymond Daniel reads his story.

422nd NFS pilot Bob Bolinder reads his story

Misc Videos:

“Waste Not 83” A Night Fighter’s Story – Interview with John “Woody” Grange        In this video, John “Woody” Grange is interviewed by his nephew and tells the story of his time in the 417th.

George Hoover – My View of WWII

The following 4 links contain videos of a presentation by Lt. Col. Braxton “Brick” Eisel and Dan Whitney, MSME, regarding the Bristol Beaufighter airplane and its use by the 417th Nightfighter Squadron in Europe and North Africa during World War II.  This presentation was made in April of 2015 at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  The videos were made by Dan’s son Daniel and posted on You Tube.  The links to the videos are posted here for convenience.

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4




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