June Update

Hi everyone,

A couple of updates to the website have been posted today.  I received links to 4 videos from the presentation that Brick Eisel and Dan Whitney did at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  There are 4 videos total, which were shot/edited by Dan’s son Daniel.  The links to the videos are on the Video Stories from the NFS page.  Head to the bottom of the page under “Misc”.  Thanks Dan and Brick for your work on this.

I have also begun to add photos from other NFS squadrons.  First up are photos of members of the 548th NFS.  These photos come courtesy of Eric Shulenberger who provided me with a copy of his book Deny Them The Night Sky which contained a copy of the photos which are also found in the book.  Only 50 photos posted so far.  More to come.

If you have photos from other Night Fighter squadrons that you would like to see added to this page, please contact me using the Contact Us page.

Finally, we’ve received two request for information from other readers seeking information on relatives.

Mark L. is looking for information on his father-in-law, Paul R Diehl, who was part of the 547 NFS.

Catherine F. is looking for additional information on her Grandfather, Lt. Col. Donald Flaherty, who was part of the 415th NFS.

If you have any information that might help Mark or Catherine, please contact me via the Contact Us page.


Jackie (417th website Admin)