B&W 417th photos

A new page has been added which captures the black and white photos from a collection that Daniel D. Whitney included as part of his 417th Night Fighter Squadron History CD.  There are over 500 photos, so it will take a some time for me to get them all posted onto the page.  100 photos have been posted so far.  More to come.

Presently, I am only focusing on the photos with people and names rather than places as they will have more meaning to families and friends who visit this site.

The photos are under the Photo and Video Gallery menu in the item called Faces of the 417th.


Jackie (417th NFS website Admin)

Stories are now all posted

Just finished posting the remaining stories from the 2007 NFS reunion.  I have also changed the format of the link to YouTube  so that a new window/tab starts went the link is selected.  This should make it easier for you to go back to the 417th NFS web page to view more videos.


Jackie (417th web site Admin)