Faces of the 548th NFS

The photos in this gallery come courtesy of the Eric Shulenberger, Author of the book Deny Them The Night Sky.


2 thoughts on “Faces of the 548th NFS”

  1. My father, Peter Leschak, was a p61 pilot in WWII. I was wanting to find out how many survivors there are?

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for getting in contact. Do you know which squadron your father was part of? As you can imagine, the number of night fighters still around is dwindling, due to age. The 417th, where my father served, lost its last surviving member this January. Don’t know how the other squadrons are faring. I am happy to put a post on the main page to see if anyone knows of any surviving members of his squad. Also, do you have any photos of your father and/or the plane he flew? If so, and you want to share them with others, I am happy to post them on this website.

      Kind Regards,

      417th web site admin

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