Contact page added to site.

Hi Everyone,

Many of you have asked about additional material that you would like to see put onto this site.  I’ve added a contact page for this purpose.  Click on the link called Contact Us (top right hand side)  and fill out the form with your request and I will be in touch.


Jackie (417th Admin)

Welcome to “Protecting The Night” from the 417th NFS of WWII.

This website is now open and is ready for viewing and comments. Additional material and pictures will be added as time allows. We hope you enjoy reading and learning as you explore the material.

Please feel free to use this site to find answers and ask questions about the 417th NFS and or any of the Night fighter Squadrons of WWII. We want this website to help you locate information regarding loved ones who were lost during the war and hope someone may be able to help you find answers.

Richard H. Ziebart  (417th NFS Rep.)

Protecting the night in WWII

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