417th mini-reunion & more from David Diehl Diary

Hi readers,

I hope your Summer is going well and that you are staying cool.  Just a couple  updates on the 417th web site.  First of all, in May of this year, I brought my father, Richard Ziebart, to meet with one of his other 417th buddies,  Earl “Sleepy” Hissett, for lunch.   Both had a wonderful time reliving memories.  Here is a photo from the reunion (Earl is on the left and Richard is on the right):


Lastly, I have finished posting all of David Diehl’s Diary to the web site under Letter, Diaries and Tributes.  Click on this link to read more.  Please note that you may need to “refresh” your browser if you have been to Letter, Diaries and Tributes page before in order to see all of the new content.


Jackie (417th web site admin)

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