William Work – Looking for info

Hi Readers!

Received a request the other day thru this site for information on William Work – a member of the 417th.  This request came from his grandson, but unfortunately, the email contact that he left looks to be incorrect as it bounced.  So, I am posting here in the hopes that Joshua will see this and get in contact again.

I found a few references and a photo on William Work from the 417 NFS Illustrated History Chapter 4 pages 40-87.   It seems William Work joined  the 417th in October/November of 1944 as part of a replacement crew arriving from the 419th(?).  Here is a group photo of crew that arrived.  The caption on the photo indicates that William is 3rd from the left in the front row.

I believe William Work was a radar operator.

Another photo I found was titled “Condon and Willie Work @ LeVallon” and I assume the reference is to Bob Condon and William Work (in back).

That’s it so far, but I will keep searching the archives for any additional info  on William.  If anyone else has anything to add in this story, give me a shout!

Joshua, if you’re reading this, you can contact me directly at 417@fryphone.com.


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