Charles Farhbach – Photographer for the 417th

In April of this year, I was contacted by the the grandson of Charles Farhbach.  His grandfather was a photographer for the 417th NFS and he had a number of photos that he wanted to share on the site.   I did not have a lot to go on with respect to Charles’ full story, but using the photos, a reference in the Illustrated history of the 417th and a bit of searching, I was able to piece together the following:

He joined the squadron on 18 of March 1943 in Kissimmee, FLA.  He likely traveled as part of the 417th group when it left Camp Kilmer in late April of 1943 and sailed for England on the Queen Elizabeth.  He spent time in North Africa (the photo below is Charles in taxi in Oran)

And Southern France:

He photographed a Bob Hope Show, in Germany in 1945:

There were 3 other “group” photos in the collection I received.  None have the names of the individuals in them, or the location they were taken.  If you spot someone you know, or are familiar with the location, please comment on this post.



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