Need your help!

Can anyone identify the people pictured in NFS Staff Photo 1 or the timeframe it was taken?    More specifically, does anyone know if the man pictured in the center back is Ray Christensen?

Any help appreciated.

Click for a link to the photo.



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  1. I believe all of the shown people in the three photos are Enlisted administrative staff for the 417th NFS. I do have three photos in which Ray Christensen is identified and would be happy to send them in a Word.doc. Contact me directly at so I can send them as an attachment.
    Dan Whitney

    1. The photo of the original 417th flight crews was taken Oct.,1943 in Tafaraoui, Algeria, North Africa 20 miles South of Oran. Major Joe Ehlinger, Commander.
      Front row: John Clemens (RO), John S.M. Lee (P),Joe Leonard (P),Samuel “Chick” Hooten (P),Bob Swift (P),John Fennimore (RO),George Allen (RO)
      2nd row: Rayford Jeffries(P),Clarence Fuller(P), Walter “Grumpy” Groom(P),Joe Ehlinger(P),Kenneth K. Nelson(P),Harold Roth(RO),Tony Speier(RO)
      3rd row: Howard Kohrman(RO),Roy Hall (RO), Bill Henderson(RO), Hank Stirnus(P),Joe Draper(RO),Willie Roble (RO), Alex McQueen(P), Danny Cordell(RO), Ray Christiansen(RO),Ted Kulpinski(RO),Joe Van Laecken(RO),Ted Deakyne(P),Jack Kirwin (P),Larry Potter(RO),Bill Larson(P),
      Dick McCray(P)

      1. trying to give information about picture I spotted with my father in it. He passed away 5/6/205 Milton B Cross Jr., was Radar Operator
        Timothy Cross (son)
        Can’t tell if when I submit it is being transferred to file

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