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Something that I love about this website is that it enables connections.  For me, this is increasingly important in a world that is dealing with the impacts of Covid-19,  social distancing and a divisive election.  I believe that reaching out and making connections with others help us keep perspective.

This month the website connected me  with the son of Peter Fitzgerald, a member of the 417th.  After a quick exchange of a few emails,  I had a bit more about Peter’s time in the 417th and some great, new pictures to share.

Here is what Peter’s son had to share about his father’s time in the 417th:

Peter Fitzgerald  enlisted on January 15th, 1943 and arrived in Scotland on January 13th, 1944.  His main job during the war was a truck driver hauling bombs and other things and was attached to the chemical warfare group. The mission of which was to be at the ready in case the Germans decided to use chemical weapons. Peter landed in Europe on D Day +3 with his truck and trailer on the beach.

Later in the war, Peter was assigned to the 417th and worked as the crew chief on Markey/Hade’s Lady.    Here is a photo of Peter in the cockpit of the plane:

At the end of the war, Peter was assigned to demolition duty destroying planes.  Here are several photos of that demolition, including one that has roughly 43 planes in the pile:

Here are two more photos of Peter, but it is not known if the individuals with Peter are from his time with the 417th or earlier in the war.  In the first photo, Peter Fitzgerald is in then center:

Peter is on the left in the photo below:

Peter Fitzgerald was discharged on January 31st, 1946.

I will add these photos to the permanent galleries (Faces of 417th).  If anyone can identify the individuals with Peter or wishes to get in contact with Peter’s son, drop me a note and I will help make the connection!

Cheers- Jackie

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