Richard Ziebart has passed away.

Night Fighter Family,

My father, Richard Ziebart (417th NFS),  passed away peacefully on Wednesday afternoon, Jan 10th, and his wife, Lorraine, joined him today.    As sad as their passing is, I am happy that they were able to join each other in the last chapter of their journey.

I’m sure there’s a 417th NFS reunion being planned in heaven as I write this.


Jackie (417th website admin)

P-61B-6 at Fritzlar Air Base, Germany.
Rich Ziebart with the “Dragon” in May, 1946



4 thoughts on “Richard Ziebart has passed away.”

  1. Hi Jackie, My prayers go out to you and your family. Your Dad sounded like such a wonderful guy and I’m sure he’s thrilled that you’ve been handling the reins on the 417th website and all. You’re doing a fantastic job!!

    I’m sure my Dad will be looking for your Dad along with all of the other 417th who have passed on. It will be a great reunion!!

  2. Jackie,
    What a loss, to your and your family, and to our 417th NFS family. Amazing that your mom and dad passed so close to each other.
    May we all meet again.
    Our Condolences,
    Joann and Dan Whitney

  3. Hi Jackie-
    If not for your father, my search would have never gotten off the ground. My wife, daughter, and I flew my plane to Branson and met your parents about 7 years ago. What a wonderful couple!
    Rich helped me SO MUCH in locating research archives of the 418NFS. He introduced me to a 418th NFS P-61 pilot, that I got to go visit and interview 3 years ago. This pilot was with the 418th when my mother’s brother went missing on 8-4-1945 in 42-39591 (P-61B-15NO). He was able to fill in a lot of details about their missions at the time.
    May your folks rest in forever peace together……

    Kevin Reeder
    Stillwater, Oklahoma

  4. Your Mom and Dad were great folks. I found a lot about my father from you dad. My dad was a pilot in the 417th. I found your dad through my research on my father. My wife and I went to the last WWll Night Fighters reunion in SLC, and made all of the 417th reunions. Your parents will be missed by all that knew them.

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